The prompt this week was to write a horror story that included the following: Writer, 50,000, month, goal, winner.

Let’s find out what our writers did with these terms used with NaNoWriMo.

  1. Rose Green shared some NaNo Horror
  2. Mike Young turned it into The Game
  3. Joyce Juzwik experienced Writer’s Block

Do leave your comments on our writers’ blogs/websites. Your input keeps us writing.

  • It was a busy week. I almost finished a story. I’ll share it in the comments if I complete it tomorrow. And I hope I’ll have time to check out these entries soon!

  • Jenny

    I didn’t get to do it this time, but next week I’m all in (: I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s submissions!

  • Couldn’t generate a good idea this week, had a idea for one of my zany stories but that felt worn out. Looking forward to reading everyone’s stories and getting back in the grove for the next cycle.

  • Oohh…. I can’t wait!  Is it Friday yet!  Haha!!

  • My late entry is… “Donkey Dick.” http://www.pluckyoutoo.com/2011/07/donkey-dick.html

    • Flannery Alden

      I added it to the list. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the late addition. And great stories all. I commented on your blogs.